Value Stream

At Aero Fastener, we are more than a distributor of aircraft parts. We’ve built our business by being a value-added partner for all of your supply-chain needs. These services, or “value streams”, are what sets us apart from the competition.

Direct Line Feed (DLF) Solutions from Aero Fastener offer you superior bin management, ensuring the parts arrive line-side when and where you need them.  Avoid the unnecessary cost involved in employees searching the stockroom for parts, or the disastrous effects to the bottom line when the part they are looking for is out of stock and brings work to a standstill.

Our team at Aero Fastener has the ability to streamline your line feed to help you improve service levels and performance.  We can provide ordering, receiving, quality inspection, and more, and we ensure full traceability of product throughout the process.  Our DLF services are carefully tailored to your specific requirements to simplify your processes and aid in the productivity of your aircraft builds, repairs, and maintenance.